Dr. Cares - Family Practice

Amy and Jack are settling in to life in Snuggford, running the vet clinic together with the help of Lisa and Crystal. But all that gets turned on its head when Alice, Amy's estranged mother, suddenly re-enters Amy's life! How this story ends is entirely up to you...

- YOU decide how the story goes, with important choice moments that influence how the story ends!
- Rescue ponies and dolphins, and assist during the birth of adorable dolphin pups!
- Gain professional vet skills as you master exciting mini games.
- Treat animal emergencies through 60 wild levels and an additional 30 challenge levels.
- Become a marine biologist, across 6 amazing locations!
- Heal cute ponies at the orphanage!
- Adopt and take care of pets, and watch their love for you grow.
- Earn diamonds to buy more things for your pets.
- Find out what’s happening in Snuggford, and save the ecosystem.